The first innovative multitasking eye drop for the relief of evaporative dry eye


VisuEVO® is a preservative-free multitasking eye drop containing natural ingredients including Omega 3 essential fatty acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Phospholipids.

VisuEVO® Key Features

• The first multitasking eye drop
• Reduces excessive evaporation of the tear film
• Protects from a wide range of dry eye conditions
• Improves inflammatory markers
• Restores the tear quality
• Provides immediate long-lasting relief from dry eye
• Contact lens friendly
• Preservative free

Due to the presence of Phospholipids, Omega 3 and Vitamin D, VisuEVO® reduces excessive evaporation of the tear film, which is caused by a wide range of conditions on the surface of the eye.Vitamin A and Phospholipids are natural constituents of the tear film and are antioxidants. Their action prevents damage caused by reactive oxygen species and facilitates homeostasis and the retention of the tear film.

VisuEVO® is a contact lens friendly formulation, and preservative free
VisuEVO® comes in a 10ml bottle Novelia® System



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